Parents / Tips and advices


As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. But sometimes you don’t know what that is or how to provide it. Here are some tips and resources for parents to help them give their kids the guidance and support they need, all through their education.

A few tips

- Take an interest in what your child does and get involved in their life at school.

- Check to make sure their homework gets done properly.

- Get them to talk about their day at school, their pass-times, and their friends.

- If they find the work difficult, encourage them to ask peers or teachers for help, or look into getting help with their homework.

- Keep the lines of communication open and make time to talk.

- Help your child make a list of their hopes, expectations, likes and dislikes, and talents.

- Establish and enforce rules of behaviour.

- Encourage, and look for solutions together. Support them in their doubts and initiatives. Be open-minded. 

Some resources

- For developing their love of reading and writing (French)

- For establishing a homework routine (French)

- For reasons to get involved in your child’s education

- For teaching your kids to value school and school success

- For tracking school progress and social life (French)

- For helping them set goals and figure out how to achieve them (French)

- For encouraging participation in extracurricular, sports, or cultural activities (French)

- For getting involved in the community and the school

- For finding out about learning disabilities