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Academic success depends in part on ability, but it’s just as much about motivation. Educators and school workers have an important role to play in fostering motivation. The more you know about motivation in school and the signs to watch for, the more likely you are to find the right motivational strategies.

What are the indicators of academic motivation?

- Choosing to get involved

- Perseverance

- Engagement

- Performance

What are the sources of academic motivation?

General perceptions of self: How they understand self and the environment

Specific perceptions about self: The value they attribute to the school subject or activity, their belief in their own ability (sense of interpersonal effectiveness), and their sense of being able to affect outcomes

How to use these indicators?

Indicators of academic motivation shouldn’t be used solely for evaluation purposes, but to encourage students to develop task-related engagement by

- using learning and self-regulation strategies

- cultivating perseverance and a love of hard work

WHow to foster academic motivation?

To act on the main sources of motivation, stakeholders can work with students to

- Encourage positive perceptions of activities or subjects (as interesting, important, and useful).

- Support development of a sense of interpersonal effectiveness and control over learning tasks and outcomes.