Hooked on School Days


February 16 to 20, 2015
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Hooked on School Days are held annually. This year, they will be held from February 16 to 20, 2015. The objective of this activity is to mobilize and activate the community around young people to talk to them first and foremost about effort, perseverance, motivation, to acquire a diploma and the risk of dropout. Also we would like to remind all the population that school perseverance concerns everyone and that every young person needs daily encouragement and support in the discharge of their educational success.

Wear the Ribbon of the school perseverance with pride!

Since 2010, the Ribbon has become the common symbol of support for school perseverance. Show your commitment to support young people in their efforts and in their educational success.

Meaning of the Ribbon:
The green and white Ribbon is the expression of a value, of a support for school perseverance.
Green symbolizes youth and hope. It represents young people who need to be recognized and acknowledged in order to stay at school.
White symbolizes a blend of all colors. It represents the community which contributes to the development of its young people.
The intertwining of the two ribbons illustrates the ties that unite young people and the community.
The loop, open-ended, holds the promise of a better future.

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Activity Guide for School Workers

The guide contains two sequences of activities: one to prepare for the presentation and another to encourage discussion afterwards. The pre-session activity sequence provides an opportunity to explore the images that motivation and perseverance evoke for young people and the words they associate with these concepts. The post-session activity serves as a bridge between the speaker’s presentation and their own life stories.

[Activity Guide for School Workers]