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Balancing work and studies - an increasingly pervasive issue!

More and more students are holding down jobs while in school. Combining work and studies can be good for young people, but if certain conditions aren’t met, there are significant downsides.

Employers have a role in making room for work–school balance in order to promote school success and retention. As an employer, how can you help young people?

A good student employer follows the following guidelines:   

- Set up work schedules that promote school success, ideally between 10 and 15 hours per week, to a maximum of 20. (These recommendations are for full-time students.)

- Encourage students to go to class and don’t schedule work during class time.

- Be ready to adjust work schedules, particularly around exams, assignments, or school holidays

- Show that you value education and acknowledge or reward employees when they graduate.

- Show that it pays to stay in school because today’s companies need qualified graduates.

- Ask employees questions about their future plans and encourage them to follow through with them.  

Many tools are available. Do not hesitate to use them!

MonEmploi.com: Information on educational programs and future careers

Inforoute FPT: Bilingual website on vocational and technical training in Quebec

MESS: Bilingual job market information bank from Emploi-Québec

Heading for Success: Promotional site for vocational and technical training programs

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