Portrait of the RCMs of Côte-Nord

The Portrait Sheets of the Côte-Nord RCMs of april 2019 contain statistics presenting certain factors influencing the graduation, qualification, and dropping out of our youth.

Ready to Learn
  • Du plaisir à lire : Activities and games for younger children (age 3 to 10).
  • Best Start : Practical advice for parents as well as checklists and links to other resources.
  • Livres Ouverts : Over 6,000 books for preschoolers and students in elementary and secondary school.
Homework and Studying
  • Allô Prof : Free phone, text message, and online homework help for students of all levels.
  • SOS Devoirs : Homework help for grades 1 to 12.
  • À nos Devoirs : An innovative approach to homework and study support for children and parents.
Work and School
  • Savoir concilier Études et Travail : A leaflet for promoting work–study balance.
  • CSST : Information on employer obligations and the rights and responsibilities of young workers in the event of an accident.
  • Soyons Compères : Tips on balancing work and studies, in French and English.
Choosing a career
  • Heading for Success : Everything on vocational and CÉGEP technical training.
  • Osez les études : Free service providing assistance and personalized guidance.
  • Mon enfant, son avenir : A guide for parents to help their child choose a career path.
  • Choix Avenir : Resources to help parents understand what young people are going through and provide the support they need.
  • IMT Emploi :  Useful information for job seekers facing choices.
  • CanLearn : A source for interactive tools and information to help you plan your postsecondary studies.
Looking for motivation?
  • Academos : Find mentors who can share with you their love for their work.
  • Je réussis : Resources for students, parents, and educators.
  • Une place pour toi : 9 approaches to finding your place at school.
Need help?
  • Tel-Jeunes : A free, confidential, 24/7 resource for all young people.
  • Première Ressource : Anonymous and free professional phone counselling on parent-child relationships.
  • Branché sur le positif : Ways to fight bullying at school.
  • AQETA: Do I have ADHD? Am I dyslexic? Do I have a learning disability?
  • SexualityandU : Learn to understand your sexual identity—it’s an important part of your well-being!
Services in Côte-Nord
  • Health and social services centre (CSSS)

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