About us


RAP Côte-Nord (Success - Achievement - Perseverance) wants to persuade the community and partners of Côte-Nord to promote school perseverance and educational success among young people.

RAP Côte-Nord brings together several partners engaged for the cause of school perseverance and educational success, in order to complement the school efforts in Côte-Nord. It allows various initiatives by providing the funds necessary for their realization. The ultimate goal is to make sure that young people will enjoy the benefits of these projects.



Work together and mobilize the community and partners of Côte-Nord about school perseverance and educational success to increase graduation rates.


To accomplish its mission, the RAP Côte-Nord partners working on these 5 basic guidelines:

1.    Mobilize and bring together the partners of Côte-Nord.
2.    Promote the culture of educational success and school perseverance in Côte-Nord.
3.    Promote the school access including young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
4.    Increase academic motivation and commitment of young people at school.
5.    Promote the implementation of measures helping the balance between studies, work, family and well-being among young people.